Internet-Statement 3/99

Political Aspects - Answer to Tom Keske
On some newsgroups Tom Keske issued furious articles against our organisation, jumping back and forth to different newsgroups.
Here we go into the articles on the newsgroups soc.culture.zimbabwe, alt.current-events.russia, soc.culture.cuba and others. People like Keske are oversensitive and act offended and complain about discrimination, but they themselves are using all kinds of imaginative degradation and swear-words. It is not necessary to refute something like that. We will grasp some points here, which at least are containing some interesting political aspects. In the time before our collaborator Wasderg already went into the matter with personal statements.

For example Tom Keske wrote in his slanderous posting from Dec.23, 1998 ("Gesundheit, Neue Einheit")

"What is this "international financial oligarchy"? Might this be the same group of scheming Jewish bankers that Hitler was ranting about (sarcasm intended)?"
International financial oligarchy is a very old category. Already Karl Marx wrote of the "Bankocracy" and of the "Haute bourgeoisie", this is the same. The soviet and the communist propaganda from the thirties and the fifties often mentioned the international financial oligarchy or international financial groups, so the use of these categories is nothing new in the social thinking of the world. The comparison with Jewish bankers is nothing but stupid demagogy. Jewish bankers are a special group, not the biggest group today, in the international financial oligarchy and this group is by far not the same as the international financial oligarchy. It is typical for anti-Semitism to make propaganda only against Jewish bankers and not against the international financial oligarchy. The anti-Semitism reduced anti-capitalism to critics only of the Jewish capitalism. Marxism and real realistic social criticism always criticises all capitalism: Christian, Jewish, Islamic or whatever.
"Maybe Neue Einheit has a point, though, that I should not compare them to Hitler. After all, they are Marxists. I should probably compare them more accurately to Stalin, an insane monster at least the equal of Hitler."
    (Posting from 98/12/23)
The comparison of Stalin and Hitler is always the same, again and again repeated primitive slander. The Soviet union under Stalin not only made the greatest contribution to the overthrowing of Hitler-fascism it also principally, in the nature of its attitude, was something of quite another kind than Hitler's reign which was aiming backward and guided by obscure anti-Semitic ideas and which ultimately only played a provoking and avant-garde-role for the international capital. The Soviet Union might have made mistakes, one-sidednesses which also have caused victims and perhaps in certain situations relatively many victims. Nevertheless it was a state which has pushed forward the revolutionary impetus in the world.

No Chinese revolution, no rise in revolt of the Third World, no real advance against US-imperialism without the Soviet Union, this for characterising the further great achievements of the Soviet Union in the area of foreign policy. And further it has to be recorded that for decades, for about 30 years the Soviet Union proceeded with a successful socialist construction, which was shared by the people. Up to now this is a unique historical achievement which will even shine into the next century.

"Marxism could have left a better legacy if it had truly cared simply about justice for workers and the common man. Marxism left a bitter legacy, because it pandered more in practice to class hatred. It replaced intolerant religion with its own intolerance of religion. Then, it enforced its own secular dogma with such unrelenting rigidity that it became a virtual religion of its own, in the worst sense.

If Neue Einheit truly cared about workers, they would have ample opportunity in Zimbabwe to demonstrate that concern- there are many strikes that they could be supporting, many unemployed."
(Posting Keske from Dec. 23, 1998)

These old slanders, that Marxism is like a religion, have been refuted so many times that it is not necessary to do it one more time. Materialism and adhering to principles is called religious by such people.

Since many years our organisation is active in economic struggles and is taking part in them. From the beginnings we always have paid much attention to the connection with the work in the plants. Hundreds of publications for struggles in the plants and also, compared to the size of our organisation, large-scale supporting campaigns like for the fight for the 35-hour-week during the eighties are significant for our organisation.
Who are you, Mr. Keske, that you can doubt that here, what is your behaviour towards for example the worker's struggles in the USA and how far have you been active there ?

However, our organisation never has seen economic struggles without their ties to political relations and always has attacked swindles like those when economic fights are used for carrying through certain political matters which afterwards on the whole turn out extremely negative for the working class and for the broad masses of people.

As for Zimbabwe there may be some deep contradictions there. We do not overlook things enough there for making an assessment in particular. But, however, one has to put some questions about the trade-union's fights as they were pushed forward in Zimbabwe. It is unmistakable, that since 1998, since they have tried to make a land-reform, Zimbabwe is put under an extremely high pressure by the highest financial organisations like World-Bank and IMF. Which position for example the trade-union-leaders are taking concerning this pressure? Which position are they taking concerning the simultaneous "human rights"-campaign, which is conducted against Zimbabwe by the greatest exploiters in the whole world? If they are indifferent towards that, they inevitably will be suspected of making themselves a tool for this pressure. And indeed, if you look at the eager propaganda which for example the Wall-Street Journal or the BBC are making for these matters, unwillingly the question will arise why these people who otherwise push forward the worker's deprival of rights suddenly become big agitators.

But let us go back to the initial question, which position the public propaganda-drumming by the same organs in favour of homosexuality is taking actually? On the one hand the financial extortion, the terror and the attempt to prevent Zimbabwe from taking part in the support of the Democratic Republic of Congo, and on the other hand the activities on the "field of human rights" and the extortion in order to achieve the toleration of homosexuality in Zimbabwe. Here we see a direct connection between the financial oligarchy embodied by IMF, World Bank and Wall-Street Journal and this campaign for interior undermining.
This is also an interesting aspect for the absurd allegation that realising a connection between both matters it is a "crackpot-thesis". In many countries and many matters this becomes clear very vividly.

Tom Keske's dirty attacks should also be an opportunity for us to deal with the social questions of the African countries in a closer way in another contribution. But we are understanding very well that Mr. Tom Keske does not like our criticism of homosexuality on the Zimbabwe-list when we hear that in the beginning of December there were intrigues in order to split the state-organs, to incite a coup d'état, to start rumours in the public in a purposeful manner for stirring up trouble as it has become clear in latest news.

After his contribution from Dec. 23, 1998 was attacked Tom Keske posted the next one to additional newsgroups, like soc.culture.cuba and others, we do not know why; in any case it causes that the reader in the different newsgroups does not know what has been before. In this contribution from January 10, 1999 once again various slanders about our organisation are presented and repeatedly a lot of swear-words are used, which we do not find worth to go into. This contribution especially is counting on pity and poses questions like if at least we do not resist that homosexuals may keep their natural children in their households. We never made a campaign for this matter. This is not what it is all about.

It is all about the attempts for the "emancipation of homosexuals". Here in our countries the homosexualists and those standing behind politically try to push through that the so called "homo-marriage" will be established, the right of adoption will be established so that some homosexual managers who have guzzled too much money next can come and say that the workers who are so exploited by them that they can no longer provide for their children may not keep their children and therefore they should give them to homosexual adoptive parents. Never before such a dirty proposal has appeared in the public and was treated in all seriousness by the parliaments.

The parliaments, the so-called democratic institutions, which in reality have no democratic legitimisation at all, behind which the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie is hidden, nowadays they are doing things like that in developed capitalist countries and pursue that in all seriousness. They let the propaganda run in the media, work on the population, work on the desperate poorer part of the population in order to make them accept all that, using tolerance as a cover, so that afterwards the most dirty measures of dictatorship shall come over the population. So, however, the question arises for us: Do they take it amiss when Zimbabwe and other countries come to measures in order to let things like that not become reality? The more these things are developing and coming to the light in the western European countries and in the USA, the more it can be understood that such an emancipation may not even to some degree be tolerated. The whole experience that is made with this movement, which in its nature is leading to a dirty dictatorship of perversion, shows very clearly that it may not even be allowed to arrive, that all of the roots of this dirt must be uncovered. Whoever is talking about dictatorship and about imposing of will should remember how on some lists there were attempts to silence us.
For example in the group "Marxism-Thaxis", which claimed for themselves to be Marxist, the moderators tried to forbid our posting "Historic Ties Brought to the Public" and any further discussion about this topic. After the posting of the article "Unequivocal Statements by Friedrich Engels" containing not much more than quotations by the latter, Bill Cochrane wrote on Dec.18,1998:

"Perhaps Rob (Schaap) and my posts subtleties evaded you so one last chance in the interests of fairness, Read carefully we dont want to talk about this, we think it is homophobic crap, so either stop posting this or we will remove you.
Its a simple case of what we in the antipodes refer to as fuck up or fuck off. Apart from turning up on your door step and stapling this to your forehead I dont see that I can be more explicit,. STOP IT.
Bill Cochrane"
This is the wording and the jargon how they are reacting today. And all that happens on a list which officially classifies itself as a Marxist one, after we had made a contribution consisting nearly only of quotes by Friedrich Engels. You can see by that how these people turn white into black. On the same list the most dirty slanders are still allowed to be spread continuously while anyway it was forbidden to us to defend ourselves.

In big parts of the Internet there is already existing an imposing of will, even a prohibition to criticise homosexuality not even in the slightest. Immediately the word of "Homophobia" will be presented, with which the  "Human-rights"-propagandists try to let their dirty dictatorship become reality. All these experiences must be brought to the public wherever they do not appear in the normal media. However, we will make our best possible contribution in order to let it arrive. However, Tom Keske's pity-prattle absolutely misses the target.

You want to complain about suppression? You can see by the example of Rob Schaap and Bill Cochrane how these representatives of homosexualism are acting as soon as they think that they are strong enough. No, some African states, some presidents are right when they are acting against homosexualism and resist to put up with this dirty dictate of colonialism.

A remark concerning the Jews:
Tom Keske also has tried to drag through the mud some particular fundamental remarks about Jewish cultural values and to make a joke of it, and he offers against them the single voice of an acquaintance who heavenly praises his gay movement. Well, we can say about that: What is contained in the fundaments of such a culture, for example in the ancient writings of the Pentateuch, is counting many thousand times more likely than the voice of a single person. But perhaps this is the crucial point. For some people the only which is being in existence is what is existing for their own personal interest, while the progressive human being, the human being of the revolution always has looked at the interest of the whole.

Editorial staff of Neue Einheit
  Feb. 1999


To understand the background and the starting point of discussion it is necessary to see the important internet-statement 10/98 "Historic Ties Brought to the Public - About the aggressive homosexualism" and also the internet-statements 11/98 and 12/98, all concerning this current discussion.