Karl Liebknecht about social democracy and homosexualism

Karl Liebknecht who so aptly criticized the majority social democracy and resisted it in the First World War, also characterized its depravity and its inner connection with the so-called Third Sex (term for homosexualism).

He wrote in a notice in the autumn of 1917:

The new "social democracy"
The "new" with the black-white-red social democracy which performed its ultra-reformist nude dances at the Wuerzburg party congress and strikingly confirmed in almost sociological formulas the correctness of our view about the roots of its war policy, this "new" with it - the crass opportunism, the undisguised whorishly obtrusive ministerialism, the back-arching and dog-like groveling in front of the ruling ones, the statesmanlike buffoneries, the betrayals on the masses of the people and the attempts to dupe them - all of that is not new, but as old as that third sex of political effeminates, horse-traders in principles, muddle-heads and villains. New is only that these characteristics are given the respectable name of social democracy

How valuable this "new social democracy" is for the ruling classes, is shown by the attitude of the bourgeois parties of the Reichstag majority; even of the "Deutsche Tageszeitung" where the basic willingness also of the conservatives to cooperate with them is expressed clearly. "Evidences of our increased power" - say David and rabble. Everyone who is not a David knows: evdences of their useableness for corrupting, depraving, weakening and unnerving the working class!

from: Gesammelte Reden und Schriften, vol. IX, p. 362/363