Internet Statement 2011-05


The Uprising continues: Libya and other Arabic States

No Interventions of the USA, Europe and the NATO !

March 1st, 2011      

The sequence of these countries where demonstrations and mass movements break out is just so remarkable. It started in Tunisia, allegedly triggered by the self-burning incident of December of last year (!) (time of strategic change of the Obama clique), then in Egypt, the Yemen, Iran (!!!) and so on and finally also in China, which is especially important to the USA and where they try since long to perform something from within which weakens the Chinese revisionist clique.

All those slogans for freedom and democracy in general form not existing in reality, and also for human rights, are typical slogans of USA imperialism when it is about undermining countries and removing governments having become unfavourable/disagreeable and governments not pliable any longer.

It is notable that the current mass movement in the Arabic states partly takes up exactly those topics which have been covered by us for many years, have been covered by us fundamentally altogether. If you look at e.g. that there takes place a "day of dignity" in Morocco, then you can say that only: dignity is a topic in capitalism indeed. We have written about various issues on dignity in capitalism and also on other things, on the demographic question, which is orientated inversely in Germany, on the economic hopelessness especially for the youth. Why is it taken up by them in such a massive form now, but not here? Here the Greens are still active putting everything down. And not to forget the revisionists of the so-called left-wing, which does not think of attacking anything here at all.

At the moment you can observe indeed that reactionaries are banding together. What else is this convention between Russia and the USA? Again there is a new so-called convention about the civil use of atomic energy. As if they wanted to arm themselves against the masses, which are in up rise on the whole world and want to break out of their miserable situation.

If it says for example: "The minister of interior of Libya joins the protests", then you would ask if here does not take place a reversion of the state apparatus meaning that large parts of the former power apparatus are breaking away from the leadership, the head so to say, and take a different position, join the protests as it seems, whatever they might comprise. What is going on there? Are certain forces intending to get rid of heads mainly or does it mean that the apparatus present are undermined so severely from within that something like that is possible? Or is it both? What kind of movement is this? You have to question this here.

In Egypt this question is raised as well. Now, the military government - the very power having guaranteed the old apparatus - is said to have created a new cabinet.


What is the real process going on there? Is it really the mass movement effecting this or are other forces acting in it, which you cannot discern clearly from outside, untilo now? In a way it is very likely that there has formed such an opposition secretly since long and coming to the truth that they use these mass protests themselves.

It is remarkable how this works there. It is not about working from the bottom upwards, but it works in the way that for the first international pressure is applied, e.g. by the Arabic League, which excludes the relevant country from membership, and then upon it within a short time the former judicial and current minister of the interior resigns. Was it that he had not had any influence on the events before? At the same time Gaddafi is made fun of as some kind of crazy person, is presented as someone who is basically not of sound mind anymore. At least this pattern can be recognized also in Libya.

Furthermore it says in the media: "The last death throes of a system". Yet, this system cannot be based on one single person only. If so to say the whole apparatus is quasi breaking apart and directs against a certain person, at the tip, then the question comes up: Where does it come from? How is it possible? Who is really making pressure here?

Who are the rebels in Libya actually? You do not hear anything about this, in contrast to Egypt though. There are neither any direct recordings of the protests, merely private recordings from the internet media Facebook or Twitter. Or some also from AlJazeera. There you can see posters where it says, e.g. "Wanted our right" and also single street fights/struggles, but no huge mass demonstrations like in Tunisia and Egypt.

When there is such a proceeding, you would ask yourself to what extent the infiltration has riped already before and who drives it.

You would also ask at all these proceedings in Libya if it does not again show the regularity: the imperialism needs the revisionism for infiltration?

On the 22/02 there was an interesting interview with the Green Trittin in the German inforadio about the events in Libya. It was demanded by Trittin explicitly that the European states would have to put sanctions, it would have been the time for that since long and now it would be a must. On the question what would have to happen with the whole stream of refugees that was to come he said one would have to see and it would demand a change of thinking in the European states. And what concerns the natural oil, it would be the time that one would free oneself from this sort of energy and change to other sorts.

The whole things reminds a bit of the war in Yugoslavia and how that started and ahead of everything the fanatic cry of the then Greens rushing for a NATO intervention in this country most of all by presenting a military intervention against Milosevic or Serbia as absolutely unavoidable. "Crimes against humanity" and other phrases were on the agenda also then and was used for war propaganda. "Human right", "democracy" and "Freedom", the typical phrases, which is especially used by the tongues of the west when it plans an imperialist intervention.

You should also not forget that the most important propagandistic mouth-piece of the imperialists are the media. As if there were "independent media". This is a fairy-tale. Independent media are nowhere on earth. Independent media cannot exist at all because there is no media above the classes and which do not favour any certain interests and propagate them. It is just as unrational to assume that these modern internet media like facebook and others are independent. This is also a pure fairy-tale talked into people so that they are applicable for certain manipulations.

What is going in the Middle East at the moment it very complicated indeed and not everything can be understood easily. If you listen to our own ruling exponents, e.g. Westerwelle or Trittin or Merkel, then it reminds rather of some howling wolf in sheep's clothing yearning for the fruit of the victim.

Indeed, there are several reasons speaking for the fact that imperialism wants to take away the oil sources first of all or to secure access to it for themselves, something they not see secure with the former regimes any longer. On the other hand there is a mass revolt striving for democracy in whatever way it might be, but which economically and socially does not show any kind of program, not even attempts. This indeed reminds you of the end of the German Democratic Republic, of the then revolution there, of the movement there 21 years ago. Then it was also like that and what came out of it, one could see: the country was annexed by the west and industrially destroyed to a great extent. Until this day there is no equal treatment with the salaries and loans and similar things, e.g. leaving out the towns having been dried out and emptied over many years, a fleeing movement of the youth to the southern so-called rich "old" federal states and much more. At that time there were many people who were of the opinion that it would take 25 years for the thought of socialism even to take a foothold among people again. This has been proven only partly though because they could not succeed in extinguishing this thought in the consciousness and the striving of the masses. This can be consituated here even if it does not suit certain people.

Articles have been and are published saying that the mobilisation has been carried through mainly by media like Facebook exploiting the fact that the youth of these countries like elsewhere on the world is in unrest. This is correct, but only partly because this does not shove away the class fight, materialism. Yet, this is attempted by this and on top used as a manipulation switch for imperialistic war plans. People who incite this in Facebook are sitting in the uppermost levels of the US imperialistic apparatus and maybe also in further state apparatus.
The European states are being cornered in order to then move them to take part in the war adventures - this is somehow the calculation. Especially France is isolated by exploitation for certain partly historically conditioned weaknesses. Germany is courted and is drawn further into the war trap and if someone is like Mrs Merkel, then this works very immediately.

Certainly, the demographic question plays a role, but it is not the only one and it is never the fundamental problem. The fundamental problem is still the class struggle, the division of society into exploiters and those exploited and these things have to be tackled mainly from this initial point. The youth must not be played off against this under no conditions. Also among the youth society is divided into classes. It would be absolutely unrational to assume that there are no class differences and contradictions among them. How this is approached via these internet media, it is directed in the very opposite way: you are young and thereby automatically revolutionary, automatically progressive and automatically you certainly want the overthrowing of the regime or even just of the upper representative, of the depot. This is a mistake though, things are not that simple. Who knows if he does not accidently obstruct the plans of the USA to make the natural resources of the relevant country their own? For example, the oil in Libya, but also in other North-African states that they want to secure for their war-like adventures while the despot Gaddafi is in the way? This playing a role is supported by several facts. And you do not have to wait long until CNN came out with it: "More Libyan bloodshed could prompt U.S., NATO intervention". Apparently here the cat is slowly let out of the bag! Thank you for the frankness! Maybe it will contribute to some overview.

If you consider how the Yugoslavic war started or also the Iraquian war, then this was concerning the media demagogy very similar in parts. As it is known in the first the German bourgeoisie under the red-green governments made their hands filthy with it. It is extraordinary indeed that there are hardly any live recordings in Libya. Why is this? Is it because that you are not allowed to do them there any more or is it because that it is preferred to use recording from the internet in order to documentate what you want to?

On top it is very remarkable that Saudi-Arabia being above all the most reactionary regime in the region has been spared of upheavals of this kind so far. Instead, the incitement is repeated in China through Facebook.

It is also strange that Gaddafi has always been driving an exalted way - in appearance as well as in other issues. Yet, for decades this has not disturbed neither USA imperialists and nor the European states. However, now when they have changed their strategic concept and they prefer to have secured the oil resources under some neo-osmanic system Erdogan, for example, things are different to them. Suddenly, Gaddafi is spoken of as some so-called "psychopath". Or even a "state terrorist".

The whole strategy is aiming also on giving Germany a some role of advantage in such a system - under the condition that the country submits and cooperates, France is rather to be punished - and the Russian (wannabe) imperialism has also already been drawn to cooperation in order to so to say to get rid of some annoying potential competitor in the European continent because else they do not have free hands for Asia and above all China. That is, shortly put, the current concept of the USA imperialists. (See the last two conventions with Medwedew). The whole thing also serves to corner the Iran finally and at last, which is not easily incorporated, in order to also get rid of this progressing disturber and altogether to achieve a secured basis for the imperialist "solution" for the problems in Asia.

What does not seem to fit into this system so far are the Israelist zionists as well as the Palestine question. You will see what this can be coped with, it was not without purpose that the Erdogan clique performed a turn of 180 degrees recently, from the support of Israel to some so-called critique. What practical consequences this has, we will see.

One has to mind something with all this: The USA imperialism needs war in order to recover the marode economy as well as to secure "peace" in the own country. Yet, what do you need for the conduction of war around the globe? Massive energy, natural oil, natural gas and so on and on. Where do you get that? In the Middle East because here the reserves are the greatest. With the exception of Russia, but this an unsecure "partner" still threatening to become a competitor, also putting out a feeler for China, India and Pakistan and may change its position any time, any time it seems to be opportune.

The visit of Erdogan

Accordingly impertinent is the current appearance of Erdogan naturally. "The prime minister comes to Düsseldorf". What is this? What does Erdogan as prime minister of Turkey to do with Düsseldorf in Germany? You ask yourself this question. And do not have to think about it long because this fits also into this system sketched above. The aged population of Germany receives "fresh blood" from the rows of the immigrants from Turkey and also the Arabic countries and this has its price. This necessitates "allowances", not in vain Erdogan once again presumes on his persuited membership in the EU.

If some time ago I wrote in my article on the elections in NRW (North-Rhine Westphalia, federal state of Germany) that we (in this case, of course, referring to the working class especially and the people masses) have to connect to the people from Turkey, Arabia and so on, then I certainly did not mean that this should happen under the aegis of the Turkish prime minister Erdogan and neither by some sort of infiltration strategy of the state apparatus here as forces like Wulff and others favorise.

The provocative "double standards" of the media

Of special interest is the use of public double standards if you listen to the radio. In our country it says: "the scene becomes more and more uncalculable/unpredictable" if at some place something is going on. And referring to Libya it says "the rebels" and "Gaddafi is clinging to power" and so on. What a difference. There they speak of "state terrorism". Here it is "the scene" being violent. Is it here not a violation of "human rights" if the police beats together demonstrants? And this truly not a rare event, neither over here.

These public double standards really break any records. Here it seems that also "the scene" is surely infiltrated by police spies etc. pp., there is no doubt on that and I do not want to defend any of the actions of anarchists. However, it is remarkable how they speak of demonstrators here and there, e.g. in Libya. Who says that there are not also provocateurs heating up the issue, maybe also heating up the massacres themselves? Can anyone exclude that? Yet, if sometime over here demonstrations with many thousands of people on explosive social topics take place, there are regularly provocateurs (see, for example, the demo of the 12/06/2010 in Berlin obviously heated up by provocateurs). Is this also "state terrorism"? If the police after one of their agents has thrown a fire body into the mass and has hit also policemen with it, widly beats up the demonstrators - also the peaceful - and arrest some hundreds of people? Using their logic it is.
It is just strange that it is the same persons of the same ruling class who speaks of state terrorism in the one case (Libya) and in the other, namely over here, it condemns the allegedly enraged and ferocious "scene". Here Mr Wulff, "our all president", speaks of state terrorism when referring to Libya, but if at some time house occupants defend their domicile, then immediately he speaks of what kind of evil terrorists have allegedly been active here, leaving out that the so-called house occupant "scene" has been struggling with infiltration of spies for ages who are supposed to provoke the population by some actions then.

This public unequal treatment in the interests of imperialist war planning is unbearable.

Notable is also that "our all president" is meanwhile staying in the Middle East while "our all prime minister", Mr Erdogan, intends to give election campaign speeches. Perfect Timing! You can be expecting what Mr Erdogan has thought out this time when the development in the Middle East is but currently to turn so nicely into his direction. And promptly it follows: integration works only with him !!

As if led by invisible hand also North Korea is brandishing her weapons. You would ask who is turning the knobs here really. While financial capital is watching conveniently how the oil price rises and rises.

The screaming and crying the reactionaries are starting today when referring to the Gaddafi regime reminds of the propaganda against Saddam Hussein having been performed in the preparation of the Iraque operation. For decades the USA and the reaction have tightly cooperated in parts, have supported the regime of Gaddafi and also of Hussein and have made good profits with it. Yet, this does certainly not prevent them, in situation when it seems opportune, from boiling with indignation and speaking of state terrorism and actions of punishments. And why do they do that? It serves as it emerges more and more clearly now in the case of Libya for inciting the next war. And everyone knows well how, for example, the Yugoslavian war had emerged. There were also a reactionary regime and reactionary crimes/cruelties. Or the second Iraquian war where again and again the accusations of the alleged weapons of mass destructions were repeated in order to finally bomb the whole country to ruins, a true capital crime of the USA, but especially the ally countries as well, from which the country has not recovered until day.

Indeed, the situation in Libya is complicated and to be understood easily. Yet, you can take a lesson again from this: every time when the talking of so-called human rights, so-called democracy in a general sense from the side of the reaction increases to some special extent, then you have to be careful. You should watch very carefully what they plan there. This is shown by historical experience.

Back to reporting. It is very interesting how this works in Libya: Uppermost state representatives, so the closest cooperators of Gaddafi have, as it was said, "already decided early to break with him and to support the rebels." What is this now? What kind of upheaval is this then? Or is it maybe that the infiltration has already taken place in order to then to cash up at some certain point? This can be confirmed by several things.

In China also there are now again forced attempts to incite unrest via the internet, apparently again by Facebook and similar media and there have been disputes/struggles at several points in the country und policemen to have run into demonstrators with truncheons, as it says. We will see how it develops. You do not hear anything about any concrete demands of the demonstrators here. Yet, it is interesting that they are the very strategic points being interesting and important to the USA imperialists above all and their lackeys like Merkel and Co., say to the international financial capital.

The last report has been that the USA is already heading forwards with warships and Hilary Clinton talking about "intervention"!!

It has to be prevented that the USA and others misuse the justified/rightful upheavals in the Arabic states for a new war of conquer in this region!

Also European governments who participate in it, last but not least our own, have to be upset in their plans!

Support for the people masses in the Arabic states!!

No imperialists intervention!!!

The peoples of North Africa and Arabia are capable to regulate their fate themselves!!

Gruppe Neue Einheit (Group New Unity)  -Maria Weiß
March 1st, 2011

[translation from the German original]