Internet Statement 2011-15


Fukushima - the political dimension

"Let` s have a quake"?

Maria Weiß, April 24, 2011      

This text tries above all to grasp the political dimensions of this matter and conclusions to be drawn. That does not mean that there must not be employed in further investigations of a technical nature, to put the exact course of events of this accident open, in all its different sides. To what extent, for example for the whole story of this accident also do play a role other things such as that measures have been initiated too late or not at all, or the wrong election or even failures in the maintenance in advance (at least it is the oldest reactor in Japan) do play a role or whatever to negligence or worse does play a role too, remains subject to further detailed investigations.


One should pick up again the situation before March 11 - 2011. What situation we had had before? We had the situation that the Arab states were in massive unrest, riots broke out and governments have been swept away. These moving events, virtually all imperialists and reactionaries, the bourgeoisie as a whole, put in considerable trouble, and they may still try so much to draw things for themselves in the paths, in their interest, then that is not obvious that simple and always seems to work less.

The concept of the U.S. in this regard was seeking if possible to draw things in their tracks from inside. When this failed, so to speak, one has resorted to plan B and instigated a war in Libya, with a so-called opposition which no one really knows were it does come from and of what it consists , but which has strange representatives and supporters and exponents, which one finds at a time within British intelligence or the CIA.

The concept worked but not quite, because their intention was to implicate particularly European countries in those things. Apart from France under Sarkozy, who apparently was looking for an internal distracting act and Cameron, the British representative, which anyway from his whole position also internally under pressure were inclined to take up these things, it did not work. Germany for instance refused. This was something which could not tackle. How could a country which one believed for decades to get under his thumb, at once get opposed and not get involved? Therefore one must have though that this has to be punished. Especially since the German Secretary of State had also distinguished himself in other ways disagreeable in their eyes, for example with recently reclaiming the complete deduction of the U.S. nuclear weapons even stationed on the floor of the Federal Republic of Germany. Whoever touches such things makes itself unpopular and a corresponding media scolding follows on the heels.

The whole concept was threatening not to rise. Other Arab countries followed. There were riots in Yemen. Saudi Arabia was sitting on a powder keg as it was trying to escape forward making it easy cheeky to militarily occupy neighboring state (Bahrain),what was leading to the U.S. government being moved into the wrong corner and not really contributing to their credibility.

Into all of these moving events "happened" the March 11 nuclear accident in Japan, and thus the situation changed abruptly. There is hardly an event that has fit so perfectly into the concept of the reactionaries such as this. That is so perfect that it may raise questions as to whether there has been somewhat forcening it. Such things are possible today, and it has long been known that earthquakes can also be produced artificially, for example, by detonating a bomb (so-called nuclear weapons test). And one can not assume that such tests are no longer held, since there is a so-called non-operating agreement. That would be nonsense, since not all the powers of this agreement have been ratified, not least of course the U.S. itself. [Note 1] Above ground although, it may hardly or not at all be taken place, but that does not mean having not taken place underground. Fact is that it does. In 2009, for example, North Korea organized such a test which was causing such an earthquake under South Korean territory. Who says that you can not let take place such things even in the depths of the ocean and that there isn’t anybody coming up with the idea of provoking such an event instead of a natural tectonic plate moving which indeed is not rarely happening in the affected region. Up to now there is no direct evidence of course. But it is a fact that such trials take place constantly and actually even some earthquakes may be caused thereby. And it is another fact that this earthquake in Japan of 11 March and especially the subsequent tsunami have triggered an event, which has just fit into its political implications in the situation. With an effect that no one would have thought to be possible, for example, that in our country, suddenly the Greens, who had been rather out, suddenly managed to push themselves into the government even of one of the most economically important states, but not without the help the local SPD. This is just a very striking effect.
If you remember, for example, that 25 years ago there was a massive manipulation at the nuclear power accident at Chernobyl - a fact that is currently being here suppressed largely by the public - by then arbitrarily and willfully several safety systems were supposedly shut down for test purposes and in this way triggered that bad accident at that time, [note 2] it is by no means far-fetched, even when it comes to doing considerations about Fukushima.

There were even more far reaching effects of the current accident in Fukushima. The government, especially Merkel, performed a swing by 180 degrees in terms of life extension of nuclear power plants, which had just been forced through with great difficulty, which had immediately called to plan several other figures within the ruling parties CDU / CSU, which in any case had previously viewed the decision with reluctance. More blatant the turn of the FDP was in this respect, which loudly to a large extent once stood up for the final and rapid departure from the civilian use of nuclear energy and screamed along with the SPD and the Greens for as soon as possible or at least very quickly not only some older, as was immediately ordered by the Merkel government, but as soon as possible to switch off all nuclear power plants in this country. The so-called Schroeder's exit decision from 2000 was suddenly on the agenda to full extent.

Is it any wonder with such a universal incitement, not just from all the media – taking place already immediately after the Japanese accident (article....) - but also by those bourgeois politicians, even those who had previously taken a different position, a certain amount of increased mobilization of people was achieved against nuclear energy, far more than was the case previously. However, one should not overestimate this. And rightly so recently was reminded that in Baden-Wurttemberg, the Greens were indeed elected by 25 percent of the participants, and one must add, without the buckling of the SPD would not sit there in the government now, 75 percent, that means three-quarters majority of the electoral parties, but have not elected the Greens! But the media does of course not prevent the media from releasing a permanent campaign in terms of further of further enforced dependency on foreign energy supplies in support of the Greens and for the final decommissioning of nuclear power in this country on almost every channel. Such a "mobilization", undergoes a single social issue!
No wonder that this is reflected in numbers of demonstrators. Embezzling is of course in this kind of incitement that here for of atomic energy stations not quite the same conditions prevail as in Japan, for example in terms of earthquake hazards. For compensation one has again conjured up other hats such as the possibility of airplane crashes or terrorist attacks - all things that are not a major selling point because one must not give in to such blackmail anyway, except that since long there are possibilities already used to secure atomic energy stations also against such "events" very well.

Yet, it has been achieved what has been wanted to achieve, namely to dissuade Germany of her way to a certain degree of independence, an opposition, however weak they may be, against hegemonic paternalism.

One needs to ask just going the other way around: How would the situation be, if this accident had not happened? You can probably not assume that the elections in Baden-Wurttemberg would have shown the same result if the accident had not occurred, neither that the German government would have taken a one hundred and eighty degree turn in terms of completed nuclear power exit, as its now the case. This shows as well in reverse, who has availed of this event

Whom it has harmed, is not to overlook too, namely of course especially Japan itself. And how the competition is jubilant, you can see as well. Japan is downgraded in its credit by the US-dominated rating agencies, allegedly because of its economic power is now weakened!
Japan has long been the second strongest economy in the world, and it was replaced recently by China. But it was still the third strongest. The USA are the strongest economy in the world, but one that undermines increasingly inward, which is highly in debt, which basically is internally hollow and do not know how it would be able to solve all their problems under these conditions - except by war.


The U.S. (as well as other powers with hegemonic ambition), for example do not even know what to do with all their huge arsenals of weapons should all start to amortize that. And there is just something found. Correspondingly, the actions. Therefore, it needs no wonder either, if reports come that the American arms industry considers specific applications now in Libya for example as "test case". That's just capitalism, the law that put in there that just has to be realized from the production value and this applies of course also for the production of weapons. And how you realize the added value of production of the armaments industry? By applying it. What else?

No person in the world buys a product which it doesn’t intend to use. As a result, no one even buys weapons that it doesn’t wish to apply. And since there are now a vast arsenal with a variety of a range, or many, many pallets of different types of weapons, one can imagine what results from it. This is applied in practice, because of that you can be sure. And it shows itself among other things just at certain points where something breaks. The criminal nature of this whole system of exploitation, where it can better be expressed as there? The criminal nature of this mass-hostile capitalist-imperialist system.

In contrast to that such a single nuclear power plant accident is an absolutely freeze!

But this fact is something which those green, stupid petty bourgeois and revisionists who are sustained by the international exploitation of this international capitalism, absolutely do not understand and do not even want doing so. Consequently, it appears in its programs without one little sentence, at most in the form of a current trend in abstruse ways to throw the two together, already equating the operation of a nuclear power plant for energy production with the application of an atomic bomb! This is where some people now seem finally to reason out!
Incidentally noticed in passing, make this the U.S. imperialists themselves too, by wherever nuclear energy development takes place, at least in certain focuses such as Iran, suspecting "the bomb“, as if one could not separate the one from the other.

The so-called Greens are a substrate of partially even ultra rightist lower middle petit bourgeois class elements and former so-called leftists , in reality rightists too, at some point mixed with somewhat merging progressive forces, which have surrendered to pressure from the bourgeoisie and the revisionists. Remember Renate Künast, which has in 1981 listed as a militant representative of the squatters' movement at that time in Berlin, in a white sack shirt on the streets in demonstrations was active and even though I was only an observer at the time, because we criticized the squatters movement greatly because of its idealistic trains, I found their commitment then quite commendable. What's left of it today? A fine lady in pants suits with a monthly (MPs) content of at least 10,000 € and perhaps even more living! What will they actually do? What wonder that she "has nothing against it," that people drive a Porsche. What a decline! Anyone who has any sincerity and progress in mind should beware of such people to go into the trap. The only thing he relies on is a huge fraud and paving the way for brutal strangulation with material means of any progressive aspirations of the masses. Apart from the fact that such things have no perspective in society than ending by military outbreaks and mass murders all over the world.

The movements in Arabia and North Africa - as was rightly observed already - are not reversible, and that's a good thing. That naturally doesn’t fit too many people at all, especially to some exponents, which have guaranteed their exploitation of the resources there. And so they seek other means to slow down the development again. But we should not delude ourselves in thinking that this might happen through peaceful means, as some pretend. This occurs naturally both, and the idiotic thrust "against the bomb" that some people here let revive boast again, which has never caused anything other than that this law has prevailed all over the world until the present day and will do so with security in another. It applies today as ever that an imperialist war, even a global one, ultimately can be prevented by revolution only.

What kind of consequences does it have if Germany gives up the nuclear energy?

This eliminates an essential link in the chain, a positive fact, which has been here yet existing. If this is abandoned, the question is what is left. And since it looks quite dark. One sees now how the green direction is pursuing a further undermining of the substance of this country. That signifies a lot for European states, for European Union as a whole. If this is beaten down, then the question is what is left at all. You can already perceive some signs of disintegration. France is getting measures for action against the current onslaught of refugees from Tunisia and Libya. This raises the question of what’s getting up in Germany, the question whether Germany would be able to hold its current international position. The prospect looks grim. When one sees for example that the aging brings forth now blatant manifestations, for example, one speaks about dried out regions in eastern Germany being "repopulated" with elder people (!), What sort of perspective does that have? In its tendency this is an invitation for foreign powers to break here and crack the whole thing under their nail. Therefore, it does have a certain, albeit very limited meaning, whether the current government is tilted or not and whether the current trend having become apparent that this country's independence in terms of energy supply gives up and, floating on the international exploitation - yet! - here an idealistic paradise of so-called renewable energies and whatever spins together, i.e. concretely speaking, a massive increase in the cost of operating energy, which will lead to further undermine the rest of the country’s still existing economic substance.

People who represent such absurdities that "energy saving is the best source of energy ', as it was to read recently – what do they represent in fact? Essentially they represent, that lack is to be declared as social principle. And a society in which lack is declared as principle is one that in its aims is abolishing its own population - neither what ethnic or national origin it may be. A country that takes such principles has already given up himself. Therefore it is essential that such an idealistic, self-destructive and mass hostile direction in the society has to be rebuffed.

(Translation by the author herself)    



[Note 1] see Nuclear Test Ban Treaty 10 years after the signature is still not in force - Guest article by Dr. Oliver Meier, Sept. 2006 NDR as well as a list of known nuclear weapons tests at wikipedia

[Note 2] To see Chernobyl following guest commentary by the current Ukrainian president, Viktor Yanukovich in the Tagesspiegel, 04.18.2011 "The President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych believes" and looking back at the tragedy of Chernobyl continues to be the future of nuclear energy. ".