Internet Statement  2011-25




The liquidation decision of nuclear power in this country has to disappear !

This decision to complete dismantling of nuclear power in Germany, today, on 30 June, was approved by the Bundestag doesn’t leave out anything of brutality. This has to be scourged and to be swept out again. This is directed not only against its own population, but will not miss its destructive impact on other European nations in the long run. Therefore, the decision has to be denounced by as many forces in this country and elsewhere, and its cancellation will be enforced.

What is happening now can be compared in some ways even with the so-called enabling decision of the Reichstag on 23 January 1933. Even then, it was the center being the crucial factor to get that decision come through, which was to be clearing the way free to the fascist beast in Germany. Today, there are again certain forces of the CDU above all, to draw the stranglehold over the masses, even if at first initialized on the economic fields here.

You should also see this in connection with other activities running at the time. Not only that massive increase in the cost of energy will be imminent, and scarcity, power cuts, measures against the consumer and what else more. No, there are also other plans, the one you meet with suspicion, especially when viewed in the light of demographic trends in this country with an aging population, being somewhat remarkable, and with an unmistakable increase in attempts by the ruling class, to get rid of this (in their eyes) sort of "ballast" . These includes, for example, the debate and, above all, the proposed legislation on so-called "organ donation" and other things (the legalization of so-called "euthanasia" and similar things). This included practices that increase the bit of their own offspring, which still exists, to call into the beggar's corner, and at the same time wringing their hands crying for skilled professionals from elsewhere, although there are far too many young people - no matter what ethnicity the way - to get - though having good education - under various pretexts none or only with great difficulty a job. What jumps out there is such a dirty and contemptible, parasitic attitude towards the population as a whole, that this can almost be compared in some respects to certain historical misdeeds, at least in concerning their putting on the ways. Also, some of those began "quietly". And if Merkel is around talking, for example in connection with the crisis in Greece, that there having been "the markets" not to be confused, this brings out again very clearly, with what illustrious international potentates this lady (at the moment, unfortunately, still at the forefront of our country) is still connected.

This decision was really too much, Mrs. Merkel. It’s enough! The best will be to cede and taking with you the whole green adjutant heap, and the social democratic pseudo-left and rightists too, all those forces that stick together with the hegemonic, large power-hunger, massive hostile and reactionary exploiting elements in the world and be paid by them. Even Chinese revisionists that recently made themselves celebrate here as so-called successful "market Communists" should ever be able to save you neither themselves from ruin.

The ugly dog’s role of so-called "Leftist Party“ is not to be forgetting too! Not only that they voted for complete nuclear shutdown to be brought to an end already in 2014, as true "ecological-ultras“ they demanded it even for constitutional provision. You can be sure that for this fawning role in favor of hegemonic powers and reaction they are to be brought to justice.

Is it primarily the venality at Schroeder to Russia, it is likely that at Merkel`s little (advantage) games with all hegemonists, inclusively such "in-waiting". Here, the "sitting between two stools" has turned out not only once in the history as catastrophic. At some point, even if it's hard, there should to be something learned. And if, Mrs. Merkel urges here to oppose, that she had been under pressure of an alleged majority in Germany , then this is to reject as nonsense, because the majority in Germany is not represented by the media, and certainly not by so-called polls. Even at the subject of elections it can be said that there is a constantly rising number of non-voters being on the way to reach the 50 percent.

Sarcastically one might say: It may also a 180-degree turn be made again! In order of reason and progress such thing is not forbidden! But the latter seem resembling more to be drown like a fly in milk, in this country.

Gruppe Neue Einheit (Group New Unity) -Maria Weiß
30th June / 2 July 2011

(Translated by the author)