Internet Statement 2013-31



There is no justification for an attack on Syria!



Maria Weiß   August 31, 2013   

After, towards the middle of the week, fortunately the war propaganda against Syria seemed to have experienced a significant crack, you could again turn on the radio and the TV for the news without having to resist the impulse to kick and destroy these devices because of simply unbearable warmongering, after hereinafter it has been found also that the population of European countries and the U.S., in its majority is unwilling to agree to such a totally dubious military attack on Syria, the alleged necessity is not at all proven, after the House of Commons has also refused to legitimize the advances of Mr. Cameron, now it turns out that France under Hollande tries to use the situation in a bold manner, and to ascribe the glory, along with Obama, nevertheless to lead this outrageous action. One feels at once again as someone special because England was pushed aside and now France is the partner! Something more ridiculous it is hard to imagine - if it were not so serious. It really seems as if this is a vain French rooster on the verge of playing a trick on the own country.


Nowhere the feigned character of the threatened military action is as clear as on the example of France. Hollande has now declared that he wanted definitely a military campaign against Syria to punish the Syrian government. What a nonsense! You can only punish an offender, which one has convicted of a crime. So far there is no perpetrator in this case, an alleged poison gas attack, not at all. Up to now, no perpetrators have been convicted. But that does not bother them in any way.
U.S. Secretary of State Kerry now comes with any alleged intelligence information, some ominous phone calls, which were allegedly intercepted. (
Note 1) Will they actually seriously present that as proof, so that they can take out the right to bless the Syrian people with their bombs? (Note 2) And Obama himself was reported now that the Syrian president is a criminal and must be punished. Proof? One searches in vain. Reason? Also none. George W. would not be able to make it cheaper and has not. A comparison is therefore quite appropriate. One must realize even if such a thing is possible, both in international relations between States and between individuals among themselves, then everything is basically possible, then the pure jungle principle is ruling. This is basically fascism, simplified to the point: "I do not like your nose, so I can slap you one." Whereas (in the present case), the "nose" probably even by themselves was put on. Therefor such a thing should not be tolerated in principle. One must also not to give in, even not if you maybe afraid to embarrass yourself because someone has a set a leg, and there are in fact several candidates, both domestically and internationally. That the Supreme responsible representative of a State should not do something like that, goes without saying.
There is as yet no single concrete evidence that the Syrian authorities are responsible themselves of such poison gas attacks against their own people. But there are several incidents in recent times, where Islamist terrorists, such as Al Nusra and others who are active in the Syrian opposition, elsewhere, in some cases, were proven to have done such. What has been done about it since? Have they been held accountable?
Hollande in France domestically is currently under massive pressure. He faces action in his own country by the trade unions against his pension reform plans and other things, and obviously it seems to push him so that even he cannot think calmly, but he just starts making. Something like this is extremely dangerous, especially when controller is the same person as the sole decision-making authority on military matters, such as is with the French president. The conservative French newspaper Le Figaro, wrote today in the headline for an article: "The Chest Protector of the President before the penal action is cracked." In fact, that's true. However, certain forces should better try to stop him, instead of sneering and expressing their joy that he has fallen into a trap in the matter. That can be expensive even for France and the rest of Europe.

In Greece and in Vienna there are already mass demonstrations against the threat against Syria. In England too there were such demonstrations against it. But what is going on in France? Are there any? (once not to mention our own country, though now here's a demo in Berlin, but against Putin's gay law!)





Note 1 The document now submitted to the U.S. government, which is based on supposed internal information and statements of various U.S. intelligence agencies (funded with $ 52 billion per annum), in no way is acceptable as an evidence. In fact has been put forward by the U.S. Secretary of Kerry such a "body of independent sources", after almost two weeks due to the massive national and international pressure, this is not credible as evidence for the fact that the Syrian government carried out this alleged poison gas attack. back

Note 2 Syria, by the way, has not signed the international agreement on non-use of chemical weapons like also seven other states. Israel, has not ratified it by the way. What would happen if the latter, even if it is only in defense of an Islamist attack, would be the ward of using chemical weapons? Israel then also would get "as a punishment" U.S. bombs on the heads? back