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Germany – the second largest immigration country besides the USA?



Maria Weiss   august 6, 2015        

Sometimes some of our politicians make you really surprised - where their mind has remained? Germany still has 80 million inhabitants who live on a territory which is not even as big as the french one, for example, with only 60 million inhabitants. Nevertheless, nobody would come to the idea to call France a country of immigration. Germany, however, with a bigger population density, supposedly is one, namely beside the USA even the second largest in the world! Where has remained the mind of people who are expressing such a view? No surprise that one shakes one's head in disbelief how even some bourgeois circles can come to such statements. However, the true causes of such nonsense are completely others. It is the structure of this society of 80 million people where for some decades a strong ageing spreads which, indeed, causes a lack of the youthful younger generation. However, this stands on another sheet and has definite, home-baked causes.


Migration or immigration - consequence of a certain policy prevailing for decades


It is nothing else than the decades of policies of the ruling class in this country against the own offspring, which has led to today's negative demographic situation. Even then, as early as the 1970s or 1980s, it was extremely difficult for people, who actually did not have so much money, to "afford" something elemental as a child or even several children. You could likely afford a car, one or more pets, of course, no problem. That went well. As a young couple, quite often you faced the question, for example: child or car, the latter meaning improved mobility - essentially an impossible "alternative"! For many people a child was something downright "unaffordable", it meant massive restriction in other ways when it came to living standards, for example, or the development of their own professional advancement. Or perhaps the question: offspring or mobility, which actually may be no alternative in a modern society, but for a lot of people with not so much money has been one. And quite often it went towards mobility or career, and thus preventing the offspring - with very serious consequences, as we see today. Also with regard to the profession you were not seldom facing such a basically hostile alternative. The fact that the latter has now changed somewhat, that can certainly not be seen as an achievement of the former perpetrators. The housing problem quite often played a decisive role, because apartments were, even then, often far too expensive.

Nothing more than this vile, misanthropic and - how to determine today rightly - expressively hostile policy of the ruling class towards offspring has led to the present situation, demonstrably, even in both parts of Germany, because the birth rate was in the GDR also extremely low, compared with other countries in Europe.

But what happens now? Today one should put up with the fact, that the offspring is replaced from somewhere else, whether it should be not existing or not existing in sufficient numbers. It is obvious, that that fact not in any case is met with enthusiasm by parts of the German population, but is rather suitable to awaken a certain resistance, especially in the less well-off parts.

For some times, parts of the ruling classes have been trying hard to hammer it into the population that they are living in a so-called "country of immigration", mainly the Greens and SPD circles, having most of the opportunists of the left or right kind in their retinue. Conservative bourgeois forces in Germany have for long decidedly protested against it, at least in words, that Germany has been named an immigration country and refused to support such a policy, which especially was promoted by the Greens (as the advance troops of the interests mainly of US imperialism) and by the Social Democrats in this country. But after even the latter have now been hammered flat concerning the question of perversion [note 1], the rest will follow apparently now on the heels - of course everything nicely for the purposes of the supreme master, the international one.

But there is still some resistance. Besides our group that has already referred for many years to these particularly bad circumstances in the demographic development, and also discovered and called by name the causes, there are also still disagreed bourgeois circles in Germany, disagreed with such a complete distortion of the facts, which is done with a very specific objective in the interest especially of certain international overlords here. There are even new bourgeois circles which organize themselves against it and if they also criticize the perversion in certain respects, that is certainly not wrong, but also supports to some extent the resistance in this country.

The fortunately rather pitiful attempts, up to now, to nurse and feed the NPD, still run down, as well as other criminal or half-criminal right rabble, by making use of these questions, they are on another sheet. However, above all this is due to the fact that it is absolutely clear to certain bourgeois-reactionary circles in this country that the present situation will not remain as it is, and on grounds of the coming crises still once more really advanced and revolutionary forces will advance here, and will find support in the society. Against this, the rights are already nursed as a counter-force, by means of assigning them certain legitimate concerns, such as those mentioned above, so that they can quasi pick up these matters; this is a procedure of the bourgeoisie, as it has already been applied in the twenties and thirties of the last century, today speculating again on certain weaknesses of the Left and especially the Social Democrats, who just do not see or do not want to see (especially the latter, of course), but rather present themselves - in addition to the Greens - as outright standard-bearers of such social deformation going as far as to promoting perversion.

Nowadays, in addition the whole stands also on a certain cultural basis. Usually societies have a tendency to procreate. Not so in Germany. In Germany, this endeavor has got a deep inner crack, due to the experience of fascism, so that even larger parts of the internal cohesion of this society, its own intrinsic self-appreciation, so to speak, thereby more or less has fallen by the wayside. But that is not normal, and that is also the case in no way anywhere else, in any other society. One needs to look only to the neighboring countries in Europe: either in France or Spain, the Netherlands or Great Britain, Italy or Greece, let alone in Eastern European countries like Poland or even Russia or anywhere else there are the kind in a similar stark form. Putin even explicitly has declared war to these trends, which is certainly not wrong, but what the US and others do not like. Of course there are attempts also there to promote these trends, but the opposition to the social recognition of same-sex marriage, for example in France is already considerably larger than in Germany, where the so-called "gender mainstreaming" [note 2] now also found representatives in highest levels of government.

What just does not seem to be possible in Germany, is a normal sensation or consciousness of the own national identity. For some people here that is incredibly difficult. Either they are totally arrogant and they are cutting down others. See Nazi fascism and worse, what was a product of such attitude. Or they deny themselves and even their own national capabilities and their history. In France, it is quite different. Since there is a "normal" national self-consciousness. And yet it is so that both France and Germany, have produced both great achievements in history. France has brought forth the French Revolution and all the progress that is associated with it that infinitely has brought forward the whole culture in Europe and even has an impact on the whole world. And Germany brought forth the revolutionary theory of Marx and Engels, which has also all over affected the world and partly enforced en masse, so to speak, also become "a material force" at various points. So there is something undeniable, but dealing with that in a normal way, the Germans simply can not do it. Because of this, political forces who are trying to see things in the right proportion, to consider both own mistakes as well as own abilities, they herein are located on a very narrow ridge.

Every nation in the world, every people has its flaws and weaknesses as well as its advantages and strengths. But there are some, for example our country, where it is incredibly difficult, as here it simply cannot be managed to evaluate these in the right proportion. There is a tendency here either for arrogance or for self-denial. Both are wrong. And of course this has also long since spread internationally, and this weakness is exploited thoroughly. But one can bet that the revolutionary practice will help to overcome this.

Such profound social rift in society as in Germany, in our society, this is not normal. It is the case nowhere else, not to this extent. This must be eliminated again rather than enshrining among the population absurdities such as a myth of the "world's second largest country of immigration".

The lack of self-esteem

This inner appreciation of society, of the nation, has experienced a deep crack in Germany. And this has political reasons which are found mainly, just above all, in an international context. It can be assumed as completely absurd, that a nation assesses the own inner appreciation primarily based on a twelve-year-long fascist reign even with such great crimes and still devastating effects. But this is the absurdity that has been attempted here to spread through schools, colleges, social influence, the media, and not at least by leading politicians. Obviously, that cannot be the truth. The self-consciousness of a nation is founded much deeper, goes back much further than to a single historical "episode", this may even have been so brutal and so much against the course of history, and may have committed so much damage and so great crimes against other peoples and not least against the own people, especially against the domestic revolutionary opponents.

Now certain people are shouting: Oh, what are you doing here, you probably whitewash Nazism! No, I say, on the contrary, do you not perceive that you are pushing the people into the arms of the right-wing demagogues, a fortiori, with your historical disparagement, by acting this way?

The bringing forth of social materialist theory and philosophy is a part of German history, too, which has meanwhile spread all over the world and sometimes even was imposed. That is also part of our history. One must not forget: Germany had for a long time the most developed workers' movement throughout the world. The fact that these workers' movement has been destroyed thoroughly by Nazi fascism is not their fault. This was intended namely by other reactionary forces and last but not least by the own inner reaction.

This internal crack must be eliminated. Besides especially revolutionary progressive and communist forces -- yes, they are still existing in this country although it is very difficult for them -- there are forces coming from bourgeois circles that are trying this, too, and immediately they are put into the corner of the political rightists, in the interest of this reactionary nonsensical historical misrepresentation; this is a fact that may not to be overlooked. That such aspirations are evolving is completely natural and this must be supported. They have nothing to do with any backwoodsmen, backward looking rightist sectarians, which, despite the decade-long attempts to prop them up here politically, have not got a foot on the ground yet, fortunately - except some clandestine murders in which the state itself plays an up to now unexplained role. But if one does not also support the legitimate aspirations on the part of bourgeois or petty-bourgeois forces then, basically, they are pushed, without intending to, in the arms of the Rights; in turn, this must be in the interest of the international ruling power and its extreme reactionary accomplices lackeys in the land, and so it is.

But a people, a nation with a history of 1200 years, may not be assessed only according to 12 years of fascist rule. Who permits such a thing however makes himself a lackey of foreign competing powers and above all of the greatest conquerors the world has ever seen. For apologists of such powers who thought it adequate to place this nation forever in the corner of history, as a punishment for the fact that it has brought forth men like Marx and Engels.

Even Russia does not have to tolerate this, by the way. The Bolshevist revolution stands for good as a pillar of the social progress in the history, to which one can go back and will go back, what of course should not drop such points under the carpet which ought to be criticised. The productive forces are breaking the relations of production. In addition to conventional capitalist powers great powers Russia and China certainly will not be spared from this law.


The Russian October Revolution of 1917 was a challenge for the entire international capitalism and imperialism

Also powers like the USA have supported the Nazi fascism, for that it did exactly this: to remove the most outstanding opponents on the European continent, what they have achieved to a large extent. It was not without a reason, that the USA have entered into the war only then, which had been started by the Hitler-fascists, when they themselves were attacked, from quite an other side, namely from Japan, by the Japanese fascists. Before this occasion, apparently, the USA did not need to participate in the suppression of the predatory Nazi fascism in Europe; at the beginning they ceded this task to other states, what also speaks an unequivocal language, and what, in any case, denies the USA the right to present themselves as particularly exposed opponents of this Nazi fascism. On the contrary, to act against the Soviet Union, therefor the latter were usefull, therefor they had supported them and had nourished them.

The Russian October Revolution of 1917 was a challenge for the entire international capitalism and imperialism. The triumph over the old forces in Russia posed a challenge for both the old forces on the European continent as well as for the new one in America. The consequences were also accordingly. In Germany, having lost the war, and where also became apparent an attempt at a revolutionary upheaval, this could not be done until victory. But the forces were still active and the international imperialism and capitalism, as well as the internal reaction in Germany itself, considered themselves to be challenged, that they had to withstand this. And what they were doing? They promoted right-wing forces, Nazis, baseless elements who were ready for anything. This found its starting point in the so-called seizure of power in 1933 and led to the further catastrophic developments within the country and finally to war. The United States initially kept out and watched the play of the various powers or rather the several raids of the Hitlerites in Europe. It was only when they were attacked even in Asia, with the Japanese attack on their base Pearl Harbor, the United States saw themselves compelled to enter the war, what speaks volumes about its allegedly anti-fascist struggle. Previously, they had done everything possible, together with England, to push Nazi Germany to an attack on the Soviet Union especially, that was their main objective from the very beginning. No, all that did not touch them, but this attack on their sphere of influence in the Asian region, where for some time, new revolutionary developments loomed where especially the revolution in China was gaining ground, this attack on their East Asian military base by Japan - then also fascist - moved the United States to to enter the war against Nazi Germany. This is quite significant. And this attitude can be traced to this day.

History is proceeding in twists and turns. It may be true that the defeat of Japanese fascism has helped to lead the Chinese revolution to victory, or without that they wanted it, it has contributed to give rise to it. But that is the way it is: reactionary forces are taking action, driven by their own interest, and so finally they produce the opposite of what they have actually hoped for.




There is no reason for German revolutionary and progressive forces, that they look bashfully backwards and say: we had the Nazi fascism in our country, and therefore we may not criticize what certain great powers are doing today. Above all, this applies to the revolutionary forces, because they are not responsible for the crimes committed by the Nazi Fascism, on the contrary, the latter was first and foremost directed against them. However, it is necessary to draw the conclusions from this experience, but not to crawl submissively to the feet of these international powers. A nation, a nation with a history of 1,200 years, cannot be assessed based on 12 years of fascist rule. If one agrees to such procedure, thus he or she will become even a lackey of foreign competing powers and even of the greatest conquerors the world has ever seen. This justifies such powers, who thought it up that this nation must forever be placed in the corner of history, as a punishment for the fact that it has spawned men like Marx and Engels. By the way, also Russia must not put up with that. The Bolshevik Revolution stands forever as a pillar of social progress in history, on which one can build, and will build, which does not mean, of course, that such issues may be swept under the carpet, which ought to be criticized. The productive forces break the relations of production. In addition to conventional capitalist powers and great powers, Russia and China will certainly not be spared by this law.

Then, in 1918, the revolutionaries in Germany were also confronted with an internationally predominant reactionary power (then the Soviet Union only began its unfolding), and in their own country they were in a relatively weak position. Today, it is a similar situation, and we have to draw conclusions from this, in a manner that meets the objective conditions, backing the progress and fighting back the reactionaries. We must learn from certain mistakes that were made then by the communists. For example, concerning the SPD and its resistance, or rather its lack of resistance to the dictatorial powers internationally, and we have to draw the necessary consequences. Above all, we must not repeat certain mistakes, so we may not permit that the national question becomes a matter of rightist demagogy.

We must also return to this issue in a proper way and combine it with our international responsibilities, to strengthen the international revolutionary forces, to give them impetus. This is somewhat complicated to accomplish this task, but not impossible. Let's tackle it. The teachings of Mao Zedong of "one divides into two" will be helpful to us.

So far, in this country everything has always been completed only halfway. It cannot work this way, it needs to be done to the end. Lenin did it, Stalin also to a certain degree, but he had no partners. Then Mao Zedong has it accomplished, so to speak, on the other side of the earth. But history will not stop. Nobody knows what the next big crash will bring about, which is already looming.

Capitalism is on the best way to catch up with China, today's revisionist and capitalist China. No one knows how that will go forth. Today's smug Chinese capitalism and revisionism à la Deng Xiaoping is reaching its limits, although it apparently - and sometimes in fact - has made China growing and becoming an international superpower and a genuine competitor for US-Imperialism. Nobody knows today how that will turn out - and that is certainly not in the sense of its originators. The traditional capitalists are already lurking for this opportunity. Whether, however, they will really have a chance, this one should leave to the future to be seen. There are already other powers in the region which also are lurking forward and hoping to benefit from it.

Even then in the past, international class struggle was already proceeding in an inter-continental manner, at least since the victory of the Russian October Revolution. And that has not changed until today; on the contrary, it has become even more evolved. Even today, this class struggle is taking place, even though the international adversaries, the socialist countries, especially Russia and China have in the meantime changed their color. Nevertheless, this class struggle takes place, because in all developed countries in the world this inner contradiction is lurking. Even in Europe itself, in the countries of the European Union, this contradiction is lurking. Furthermore one should be aware of it, however, but have no illusions, as the bourgeoisie would like it. That is not the case. To overlook this contradiction is an act of idealism.

And for this reason, at the same time also fascism lurks everywhere, not only promoted by the international capitalists, although the latters having financed and promoted them, but also by the surviving domestic reactionary class of exploiters here, which still exists in all these countries in Europe, and which is active in the various countries in their respective concrete shaping. In our country, for example, there is a close connection between this internal fascism and the Greens, which has existed since their creation and we should not lose sight of. At the same time the clash of contradictions also lurks everywhere, and the result of this will be that the various forces of progress in the individual countries will learn more daily, and learn to distinguish exactly what benefits them and what does not.


[Translation of the German text]







[1]: To put it in drastic words: "ass fucking" - if one views it drastically reduced to the purely physical process - or "same-sex sexual relations", to put it more elegantly; if something like this is socially revalued as "marriage", as it is currently happening, that is perversion. Entrusting such a "conjunction" with the rearing of children, that destroys the society, if that should prevail. In this way, it can actually have the twisted meaning that "ass fucking", which can not be inherited, because such "couples" are not able to produce offspring, under certain conditions, so to speak, is inherited "culturally". A policy that permits such things or even promotes them, is in essence a crime against humanity, against human nature itself. But one can not help noticing that this corresponds congruently to green and imperialist intentions, to stop the development of mankind with all their might and with all means, if not to destroy it. No policy could more deservedly be called "rightist", actually. - back -    


[2] "Gender mainstreaming" Who then is "me"? "I" am at the same time also my body, what else? Likewise, the so-called "social gender". What should it be if you please? The social position of men and women in society? Good. But that has nothing to do with their sexual identity. It has so far only a little to do with it, as unequal treatment by the society exists, the social position of men and women has changed over time considerably. But this still does not change the sex of the individual. Here nevertheless sex is simply confused with social position. - back -