Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines
March 4, 2006


The Communist Party of the Philippines expressed alarm at the information that a group of soldiers has been ordered by a superior officer in the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to bring four packages of powerful C4 explosives to Metro Manila more than a week ago.

The information was revealed yesterday by Sen. Rodolfo Biazon who also said the soldiers fled with the explosives, contacted him for help and are now hiding after learning they were being hunted with orders to "shoot them on sight" for having defied their military superior's order.
Biazon's revelation came a few hours after two explosions occurred near the Eastern Police District-Special Weapons and Tactics (EPD-SWAT) headquarters in MERALCO Avenue in Ortigas, Pasig City and just right before Gloria Arroyo declared that the state of national emergency had been lifted.

CPP spokesperson Gregorio "Ka Roger" Rosal expressed concern that the bombs that were to be brought by the soldiers to Metro Manila would be used to set off explosions, thereby justifying the continued curtailment of civil liberties and the imposition of a full-scale fascist dictatorship.

The bombings that took place right before Arroyo lifted Presidential Proclamation 1017 sends the chilling message that she has not stopped building scenarios to rationalize the suppression of basic freedoms, said Rosal. "Obviously, we have not seen the end of Arroyo's malevolent schemes to concoct more "destabilization" and "coup d'etat" plots in the pursuit of her terrorist and fascist designs. The covert transport of explosives, the planted bombs and the "destablization" and "coup d'etat"
yarns are all preparations for all-out fascist dictatorial rule."

Arroyo lifted PP 1017 because it was "too hot to handle," said Rosal. He cited the people's continuing acts of defiance to Arroyo's repressive measures such as the various protests launched by lawyers, and the media, schools, civil rights groups, mass organizations and even legislators and legislative employees against it, and the numerous cases filed in court that questioned the proclamation's constitutionality.

Rosal, however, said that the lifting was meaningless as media is still under constant watch, authorities continue to clamp down on rallies and unable to weather the massive litigations and protests against it. She has 'lifted' it for the moment to threaten media, clamp down on rallies, and suppress freedoms, and Arroyo's principal critics especially among progressive party-list representatives and leaders of the militant democratic movement and anti-Arroyo military and former military officers continue to be hounded by warrantless arrests and repressive acts.

The CPP called on the people and the entire revolutionary movement to "muster the broadest united front to resist the Arroyo regime's fascist designs and to advance all forms of struggle to bring down the hated regime."


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