Discussion on "Leninist-International" about Homosexuality in 1998

On the occasion of the current decision of the SPD/Green Gouvernment for the marriage law for homosexuals and discusions about we place the discussion about homosexuality on the "Leninist-International" (a political mailing list) from 1998 online. During the time end of September - beginning of October, 1998, a debate about homosexuality had developed there. Our statement summing up the election campaign in Germany from September 25th,1998 had been posted to some mailing-lists and different newsgroups, also to the so-called "Leninist-International". On this list following passage was the startpoint of a lively, controversial and very large discussion:
"In the drawers of these parties (SPD, Greens) there are also laws like the so-called ‚emancipation of homo-sexuals‘ which mean an utterly deep cut in the whole moral life but which are of no importance in their election propaganda (with the exception of very particular election districts). If this is a part of these parties‘ programs, why don‘t they openly offer this in their national election propaganda? This affronting program which ties on extremely reactionary traditions (‚Emancipation‘? not at all!) afterwards, as it seems, shall be regarded as legitimated by the election. This is a fraud which is supposed to be shifted to the population."
This passage caused an intense reaction. After our organisation had refuted some standpoints, it was attacked in an offensive and outrageous way like "counterrevolutionary", and it was to be forbidden to make "homophobic" comments, etc. The swearwords would not end up to that we were slandered as Nazis, only because of our not acknowledging homosexuality as a phenomenon with equal rights and regarding it as culturally reactionary and decadent in its essence. At last we were cut off from the list without any explanation. So the moderator stole us every possibility to defend ourselves. In that slandering certain Trotskyites tried to refer particularly to certain experiences of the German labor movement. 

For all who want to have an overview about the different arguments the whole discussion is placed here now. Some of our own postings were already published as internet statement resp. in a category at our website. But the whole discussion offers a much better overview especially concerning the behaviour of the defenders of homosexualism.
Uwe Mueller, 9.12.2000

Because of the length of the discussion we devided it into 3 parts.
part 1      part 2       part 3

You can also donwload the whole discussion:.

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