Zur aktuellen Situation in der Türkei

On the present situation in Turkey

Was geschieht in der Türkei?  - Zwei Kommentare  13.4. 2001
What is going on in Turkey?  -  Two commentaries  13.4. 2001

Pressezitate / Media-quotes  (April 13, 2001)

Das Dilemma des IWF    /    The IMF´s dilemma     16.4.2001

Another opinion

Some links from and about Turkey 
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Politische Organisationen / Political Organizations
EMEP - The Party of Labor
Party of Socialist Power (SIP)
Widerstand -- Informationen und Analysen
Leftist Parties of Turkey  (Linkliste / a list of links)
no isolation

Daily news Links
Yahoo! News Full Coverage-Turkey Economic Crisis
Turkish Daily News Online.....Turkey's first and only English daily...
TurkishPress.com: Daily News
Today's News
Turkey News Center - News: Turkey
Turkey Today
Sources on Turkey
Anadolu Ajansý

Official, capitalist links
World Bank Group | Turkey
Turkey and the IMF
Financial Times  Special report: Turkey's financial turmoil
Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Maritime Trade and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey
Istanbul Stock Exchange