The Events in Yugoslavia
- The Attack from Inside
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 What Kind of a Tribunal Is the One Sitting at The Hague?
Its Only Intention Is to Justify the NATO War
June 27, 2001

The New War in the Balkans

After the Beginning of a New Situation (German)
- Résumé of the Previous Development Since 1991
IS 2000-26

The Overthrow of Oct.5th in Belgrade (German)
- Postscript to Our Declaration of Oct.4th
IS 2000-25

The Yugoslavian Elections and the West
IS 2000-24  -  Oct 4, 2000

Who is Vojislav Kostunica?
IS 2000-23  -   Oct 2, 2000

Speech by Kostunica    04/14/2000

EU - "Message to the Serbian People"  09/18/2000 (German)

Kostunica on EU - "Message to the Serbian People" 09/19/2000

US State Department on Elections 09/24/2000

Fischer on Elections in Yugoslawia  09/25/2000  (German)

Revealing quotations from the media on the Yugoslavian struggle

Radio and Television Address of Milosevic from Oct 2, 2000

Kostunica to Milosevic  10/04/2000

The violence that no one speaks about  Oct 9, 2000


NATO-Aggression against Yugoslavia
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